JavaScript Equivalent for PHP's substr_count()

This is the javascript equivalent of the PHP function substr_count(). Which is a function that counts the number of times a substring occurs in a string. This will enable you to use this PHP excusive function in your JavaScript codes. To use this function please review "How to Use" and the example usage of the function below.

How to Use

To use this function simply add the function into the bottom of your existing JavaScript code and call the function using the required parameters. Please consult the parameters list below for parameters and there desciptions.

JavaScript Function

function substr_count(string,substring,start,length)
 var c = 0;
 if(start) { string = string.substr(start); }
 if(length) { string = string.substr(0,length); }
 for (var i=0;i<string.length;i++)
  if(substring == string.substr(i,substring.length))
 return c;



Parameter Desciption

stringRequired.Specifies the string to check.
substringRequired.Specifies the string to search for.
startOptional.Specifies where in string to start searching.
lengthOptional.Specifies the length of the search.

Example Usage of substr_count()

Example 1:
function call:
substr_count('Your apples are my apples.','apples');

Example 2:
function call:
substr_count('Your apples are my apples.','apples',0,11);


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This function is released under the free software licenced GNU General Public License.

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